Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hottest swiss guys " Matthias Britschgi "

OH boy!!What up's guys? Are you enjoy with swiss guys,ithink you wait for them right? I would like to know,what european guys you like? I think all you guys can't choose it. So you guys must buy a ticket for one year and then visit all of the country in europe gg. I hope you guys can find hot single guys ones. Ok we are still in swiss and then let see a new hot guy in swiss.

Matthias Britschgi

Who is Matthias Britschgi?
He is a hot actor guy(If you guys watch his short flim,you guys will love him)

When was he born?
1985(Date and month you guys must help me to find out)

Where was he born?

How he became an actor?
He was casting at jungetalente and after that his job as actor began.

What is his education?
He graduated from Zürcher Hochschule der Künste in flim

What is his first movie?
Hart mit Herz (Oop! if this guy heart,who guys want to take it?)

Awords and nominations?
jungetalente 2009


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