Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thief caught on camera using Chopsticks to pickpocket shoppers

NOW this is what you call a bad Chinese takeaway. A pickpocket has been caught on video stealing a woman's mobile phone with chopsticks.

Police in China believe he is part of gang of opportunistic thieves targeting busy shoppers in several cities, mostly women with heavy shopping.

Scroll down to watch the thief in action

The thefts are carried out in full view of CCTV cameras but the use of the chopsticks means that no fingerprints are left.

In one sequence caught on camera and aired on Chinese TV, the thief attempts to rob a woman wearing a black and white coat. She is unaware his chopsticks are about to strike but luckily she walks away before he has a chance to steal her belongings.

In another clip a thief sneaks up behind a shopper and picks her mobile phone out of her coat. He grips the phone between the chopsticks before placing it in a handkerchief.

A witness, quoted in The Sun newspaper, said: "It's so obvious what the gang are doing but no one does anything.

"This gang know exactly what they are doing and are highly skilled.

"By using chopsticks they avoid getting caught with their hands in the victim's pockets and don't leave fingerprints on stolen property."